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Comm Clinic
January 15, 2019

TERRY PRONE: Dementia sufferers’ spouses laying bare their lives should be stopped

Sharing the pain may lessen it, but Terry Prone wonders if anybody has the right to lay out a spouse’s diminished life for public consumption

The American scandal sheet, The National Enquirer, last week contacted the richest man in the world to say they had him by the short and curlies and planned to publish a story about his marital infidelity within 48 hours. Jeff Bezos, the man in question, made a pre-emptive strike by issuing a press release to all media. Which didn’t stop the Enquirer running eleven pages, including pictures of the other woman involved. If the publication does what it usually does, the next few issues will have further stinker details of Amazon Man’s bad behaviour.

That will be tough on him, but this man chose to use his private plane to lash around the US for extra-marital “trysts”. So maybe we could contain our natural sympathy. In addition, the working lives of some Amazon employees could be greatly improved if more exposes appeared about the way his warehouses run, which seems to be a version of indentured servitude in horrific conditions, monitored electronically every minute of every day. Then there’s the fact that he has a lot of money to mop his tears, or sue anybody who goes too far. He’s in the whole of his brolic health and probably has nearly as many years ahead of him as behind him, to improve his public image by improving how he does his business, financial and marital. Read more here