Comm Clinic
Comm Clinic
January 7, 2019

TERRY PRONE: HSE plans to build patient relationships all well and good but essentials of respectful care never change

Much nonsense has been talked about the HSE forbidding staff to call patients “love”, writes Terry Prone.

THE minute they mention the new arrival in ward six, they cast their eyes upward. This one will be tough-going, is the unspoken prophecy. She’s close to 80 and was admitted after a hip-breaking fall complicated by a leg ulcer that’s not going away, although, give her her due, she’s been taking care of the ulcer herself with some efficiency. How did she fall? Mis-step when she was putting out the milk bottles.

Once the milk bottles get mentioned, it’s clear that this oul’ wan didn’t land in hospital today or yesterday. It was probably 30 years ago, and she was fictional, was the broken hip in ward six. Read on here