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We’re really good in a crisis. And we’ve dealt with a lot of them. Tourism disasters, oil spills, accidental poisonings, crashes, explosions and innumerable corporate embarrassments.

And some of them make great stories. Stories that we can’t tell. Because our first job in most crises is to minimise their public impact, which mitigates us talking about them.

We can’t tell you what we’ve done, but we can tell you how we do it.

We begin by doing nothing publicly. Nada. Zilch. Nothing at all. Until we know the facts. We dig, interrogate, investigate and question until we have every salient piece of data. And we do that as fast as possible.

Once the data is in we advise what to do. And we prepare the communications. That might mean prepping the client for a press conference or interviews, drafting press statements, FAQs, community letters. Or it might mean arranging briefings with media or shareholders or staff.

If you have a crisis and you call us, we can promise you a number of things; we’ll provide you with the best in the business. We’ll take your crisis as seriously as you do. We will be with you, side-by-side until the crisis is over.

Call us on (01) 6449700 or e-mail

What our clients think
"In 2017 All Ireland Institute of Hospice and Palliative Care (AIIHPC) commissioned The Communications Clinic to support media engagement for our all-island annual Palliative Care Week campaign. The Communications Clinic were highly professional and were a very positive addition to the campaign team. Palliative Care Week secured significant coverage across TV, radio, print and online media. The Communications Clinic maintained very positive and supportive interactions with AIIHPC and with the three people who shared their palliative care experiences and generously agreed to be involved in the campaign."
"I was a journalist before I was an author, so I know all about publicity – how hard it is to get. And folks, Aileen Gaskin is an expert. She finds angles I never thought of. If you can grab her to work with you, then do."

Cathy Kelly, Best-Selling Author

"People tell me my public interviews and television appearances are 'so natural'. They look at me with amused confusion when I tell them that I prepare for EVERY radio and television appearance with media trainer Lorcan Nyhan. Working with Lorcan allows me to construct my thoughts and opinions in a clear way. The sessions I have at The Communications Clinic allow me to be free of nerves and panic, letting me be more genuine, real and natural. When it came to getting publicity for my book, I had to actively ask Aileen, my publicist, for a break because she had lined up interviews and features across almost every national and regional media outlet."

Stefanie Preissner - Writer & Actress

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