Public Relations

External Communications

‘Our thing’ is helping companies, state bodies and people deal with their public issues and develop their brands, reputations, relationships, profile and bottom-line.

Hire us and we ask questions. And we don’t stop asking until we understand what you do, what you need and what you want. Then we deliver.

We deliver by providing you with some of Ireland’s foremost experts in public and corporate communications. We deliver by caring; you become a client of The Communications Clinic, not a number on our P&L. We deliver by constantly providing value.

Some of our consultants’ clients have been with them for more than twenty-five years. That informs our objective with every new client; we don’t just want you to think we added value this year. We want to add value every year.

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Internal Communications

You can put together the best PR plan in the world but if you don’t back it up with equally good internal communications then you probably won’t get the results you want.  Your staff are often the first point of communication with your customers so they need to know what your organisation is doing, where it’s going, what it does for them and what they need to do for it.

We can provide the communications materials and the training needed to ensure that your staff are your most powerful ambassadors.

Event Management

Whether you want to build a laundromat at a music festival, get people to ride bikes or organise a complex international corporate conference, we can do it.

In fact, we’ve done all of that and lots more.  If you just want us to come up with ideas for an event that’ll get your message across to the media, the public, your customers or your staff or if you want us to manage the whole thing from start to finish get in touch.  We’ll deliver an event to remember …… for the right reasons.

Dubai Duty Free Irish Open 2019

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