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Our Courses - Delivered Virtually

Our Courses – Delivered Virtually

We have adapted our offering so that we can deliver any of our traditional programmes remotely. Using a blend of adapted session lengths, remote working tools and e-learning programmes we achieve the same excellent outcomes, just in a different manner. We reach the same destination, just taking a different route. We can still help you to make an impact in every interaction. We can still help you prepare for any media interview. We can still help improve your business communication including emails. And we can still help you run effective, productive meetings. Our full suite of programmes can be found here.

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Remote Communication Skills

Communicating in the Remote Workplace

This course will make you a better presenter and a better communicator. Whether you are presenting via Teams, Skype, WebX or Zoom. Presenting, pitching or communicating through your webcam is a difficult experience. It brings both technical and communication challenges. We’ve the experience to help you or your team to deliver naturally, in an unnatural setting. We’ll improve your understanding of your audience, improve your presentation content and presentation structure, improve your delivery and improve your use of visual aids or slides. We have adapted our offering to fully replicate our traditional in-person experience online. Working remotely, we record your presentation, play it back live and assess it together. And then give you a clear road map to improvement. You’ll leave our course with the ability to craft interesting, understandable, relevant and memorable inputs. And you’ll leave with a skillset that is practical and applicable to every interaction you have.

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Remote Working MasterClass

Remote Working MasterClass

80% of Irish employees want some form of home working to be the norm into the future. The new model of working will involve a significant amount of remote working, remote management, remote communications and remote leadership. We’ve developed a full suite of courses that will equip all levels of your organisation. with the skillset needed to thrive in this new remote world of work. Our Remote Working Toolkit will ensure you continue to have a productive and motivated workforce who can transfer and apply their skillset to any environment. Our Remote Management Framework will ensure your managers can continue to develop their staff, communicate clearly, coach productively and run remote meetings in an efficient and engaging manner. Our Digital Leadership Model will ensure your senior leaders can continue to motivate and inspire your organisation while building the key external relations you need to build and grow business. In short, through three distinct but interconnected courses, this programme will ensure your company and your staff are ready to thrive right now, and in the years

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Podcast Production

Podcast Production

Podcasts can help your company connect with your audience in a meaningful way. Whether you wish to engage more effectively with your staff, your clients or a larger audience, we will consult with you to better understand your communication aims, and ensure you create compelling stories that resonate. We focus on audio quality, engaging conversations and keep audiences at the centre of our podcast production. We can develop and produce professional podcasts in our in-house studio. By the end of our work together, you will have created an impactful, engaging and well-produced podcast that will grab the audience’s attention and deliver your desired message. Check out our podcast here. 

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All of our courses can be run on an individual or group basis.

Our individual courses take about two hours. Group courses can be a half day, full day or two days in duration.

All our training is tailored to the clients' individual requirements.

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