Writing for publication

Good publishable writing is based on a combination of skill with the written word and an understanding of the end reader.

The reader is where you should start. And it’s where we start.

The task facing you may be to craft prose to house the data, insights, statistics, graphs and results that coalesce to form your graduate thesis. Such a document may be the defining zenith of your academic career, the printed distillation of a personal era of study and reflection, delivered to an educated and incisive reader whose expectations are of a work of absolute clarity with a necessarily esoteric focus.

Or the task may be to crank out a feature for a local paper. Something that’s fast-paced, easy to read and fun. Something that adds colour and life in a tight word count, delivered to a short deadline.

Or it might be to provide investors, shareholders and the financial media with an Annual Report that catalogues the market performance of your organisation. A document that is of its essence formal but that nonetheless must reflect the tone, character and house-style of the entity. A work that must be a collation of a year’s achievements expressed through words and numbers in a way that omits nothing yet highlights and prioritises your organisation’s successes.

Whatever you’ve got to write, we can help. We can show you the rules that underpin all good writing as well as the specific approaches that apply to different publications and audiences.

And we’ll do it in a way that won’t bore you to death. We promise.

All our writing skills programmes are modular and can be structured to fit your needs and availability.

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