Speechwriting Courses

Writing a speech for yourself or someone else? For an international conference or for the wedding where your daughter is the bride?

Our training starts with the imperative that the speech must be:

  • Interesting
  • Understandable
  • Memorable

It must also be speakable. The Written Word and the Spoken Word are different languages. If you’re writing a speech for your CEO, you don’t want her to sound as if she’s reading an essay. If you’re writing a speech for a public figure, you want them to sound real and to use references that come from their own lives, their own reading.

Our speechwriter training covers anaphoras and tricolons and occultation, but you’d never know, because we guarantee you a jargon-free zone with little theory but lots of practical ways to write a stunning speech. Our courses show speechwriters how to identify speech patterns and references used by their speaker. It teaches them how to develop themes and put coherent structure on a speech. It explains how to interweave illustration, metaphor, allegory and quotations around data to make it relevant, fresh and captivating.


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