Press Officer Training

We offer three strands of press officer programmes; a programme tailored for newly appointed executives learning the ropes, a programme to hone the skill of working press officers and a programme for experts in their field.

The first of those focuses on the skills and competences central to the job; understanding media, from deadlines to editorial requirements; writing, from press releases to ghosted features; communications management, from media interviews to press conferences.

The second tier programme is more subtle; it will help you learn to write in the voice of your client, teach you how to prepare someone for a media interview so they become able to add value in broadcast and print interviews. This programme will also help you with the basics of crisis management and communications strategy development.

The third programme is almost totally bespoke; it is for people who have been in role for some time, are expert and functioning at a high level (most commonly Directors of Communication). This programme is delivered by our most experienced consultants and provides an expert challenge to and analysis of the participants method of approach, skills and weaknesses. The content tends to relate to strategic planning, crisis management, brand positioning and high-level influencing, but each programme is different as each is rooted in the needs of the client as established at the outset.