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Terry Prone – Midday, August 17th

Terry's appearance on TV3's Midday Show on August 17th.

Terry Prone – Midday, August 16th

Terry appeared on TV3's Midday Show on August 16th.

Terry Prone – Examiner, August 15th

The best advice for any situation: Close your eyes and pull like a dog. When you’re not really into sport but live with someone obsessed by it, you have to go somewhere else in the house. This means that when you visit your partner, you get a skewed sense of what the Olympics is all about, because all you’re getting is odd bits... Link -

Eoghan McDermott – The Journal, August 14th

  What can a postgrad or masters do for me? Quite a lot, actually Careers expert Eoghan McDermott assesses the impact of going back to college on your job prospects, pay and satisfaction levels. GOING BACK TO college for a postgrad or Master’s degree can be a huge commitment of both time and money. Thousands of euro and hours spent, but is it really worth it? It would seem it is. All [...]

Terry Prone – Examiner, August 8th

Forgetting about your digital life now and then could save real lives. The great thing about social media is that it delivers unmediated eejits quickly and promiscuously.  Our phones and tablets bring us the news as it happens, and the eejits it happens to. Like one of the survivors of the Emirates crash-landing and explosion... Link -  

Terry Prone – Examiner, August 1st

Donald Trump’s use of emotional truth is beyond the reach of facts. IT’S ALL Down to communication, and the contrasts are fascinating, if confusing, since the best communicator of them all is a non-contender. Michelle Obama blew them away at this year’s Democractic convention. Best speech. Better delivery than that of her own husband, whose use of autocue is surprisingly predictable — first one side, then the other — for such an [...]

Eoghan McDermott – Moncrieff, July 28th

Eoghan's appearance on The Moncrieff Show on July 28th Link -

Terry Prone – Examiner, July 25th

David Marcus was the lapsed Jew from Cork who did so much to encourage Irish writers. Some people have an irrational fear of lifts. In my teens, I had an irrational fear of stairs. Not stairs in general. Just one particular flight of stairs; the ones that led to several upper storeys in the old Irish Press Building on the Liffey... Link -  

Terry Prone – Examiner, July 11th

Charity begins at home, but it’s finally coming to an end here. We ignore the fact that most of the services are... state services with a different sign on the door. CONSOLE isn’t the only charity being scrutinised. There are four, for different reasons. CRC because their former CEO is not minded to give back his severance package, which amounted to three quarters of a million. Carline because substantial money seems to have gone AWOL. Link -

Assay Launch

Attached is a picture taken when Minister for Jobs, Enterprise and Innovation, Mary Mitchell O'Connor visited the Assay Office in Dublin Castle. To her left is the Assay Master Ana Izquierdo. The Minister was there to launch the Assay Office's new laser hallmarking machine.

Terry Prone – Examiner, July 4th

It has become obvious that Nigel Farage, Michael Gove, Boris Johnson, and their fellow Brexiteers were, to differing degrees of overt appeal, tapping into a mythic nostalgia about a Noddy and Big Ears Enid Blyton UK where Mr Plod the Policeman was very definitely, right down to his DNA and skin colour, one of ‘Us’. Link -

Terry Prone – Newstalk, July 1st

Terry appearance on Newstalk Breakfast, July 1st 2016 Link -

Terry Prone – Sunday AM, July 1st 2016

Terry appeared on TV3's Sunday AM on July 1st 2016 Link -

Terry Prone – Examiner, June 27th

WHEN Omar Mateen shot dead 49 people in an Orlando nightclub, on June 12, it was the worst mass murder in US history. It seemed unimaginable and seemed to be without precedent. In fact, there was a precedent, although it has never been officially classified as a mass murder, and has been forgotten. The deadliest fire in the history of New Orleans — a fire-prone city — killed 32 gay men... Link [...]

Terry Prone – Examiner, June 20th

The PSNI decided to put cheating recruits through the course again, instead of getting new, clean applicants. You could imagine putting it to a job applicant as a killer scenario question designed to explore the judgment, analytical competence, economic awareness, decision-making capacity and ethical core of the applicant. All in one question. That can’t be bad. Link -

Terry Prone – Examiner, June 13th

Between unsought neck massages, sexist posters at gender-specific mini marathons, and judges postponing drink-driving bans on farmers to allow them the time to go to Lisdoonvarna and hook up with a woman who will drive them when they’re not allowed to drive themselves, it’s all very exciting, at the moment. Link -

Terry Prone – Examiner, June 6th

A nation drunk on sunshine could produce another baby boom. It hasn't been a bad long weekend so far, has it? Thirty percent higher attendance at the first day of Bloom, for one thing. For another, the possibility of a baby boom with numbers also increased by 30%, just nine months from now... Link -

Terry Prone – Examiner, May 30th

Hiroshima victims still suffered long after the bomb was dropped... Barack Obama visited Hiroshima this week, the first American president to do so. That’s something. He met and listened to hibakusha — the survivors of the explosion whose bodies and lives were re-shaped by the atomic bomb. That’s something, too. Link -

Rory McIlroy wins Irish Open 2016

Congratulations to our client Rory McIlroy who won the Dubai Duty Free Irish Open 2016 at The K Club.

Terry Prone – Examiner, May 23rd

DNA technology is a true crime against a popular literary genre. On my bookshelves, in the extensive true crime section, sits a series of battered paperbacks, some of them published 50 years ago, examining high profile crimes, the conviction of those who committed them, and, in some cases, the questions raised about the validity of those convictions. Link -