Negotiation Skills

Successful negotiations are critical to success in business, whether it’s negotiating a deal with a customer or convincing the board to change strategic direction. We’ll give you those skills in a practical course designed to help you prepare for real business negotiations. All our negotiation skills training is based on the substantive discussions our clients have to undertake. For instance, your team may need to brief suppliers on products, deadlines and quality. The suppliers may be focused on price.

Bring us in your team – up to ten people. We’ll divide them into two teams, getting them to undertake the negotiation live. Looking at each negotiation from the other party’s point of view will highlight for your team the need to

  • Establish rapport and a constructive working relationship
  • Understand the other party’s needs and concerns
  • Move from a win/lose approach and how to do that
  • Maintain relationships (it’s a small world)
  • Use standards, especially theirs, and information – strategically
  • Find the real problem and focus on it, not on personalities
  • Focus on goals/interests not positions
  • Make emotional payments while remaining objective oneself
  • Build small wins and maintain momentum
  • Be clear about your bottom line
  • Protect the outcome.

Through real-life exercises, based on situations they will actually have to face, they’ll get good at questioning (rather than making dogmatic statements), listening (rather than talking down) and knowing when to walk away. They’ll also know that walking away is not necessarily the end of the negotiation. It can promote realism and respect on the part of the other party.

All this can be delivered in a one day or two day course.