Meeting Skills Training

With a work meeting coming up, is your first thought Oh no, another meeting? Do meetings go on too long? Do some people dominate them, while others say nothing at all, but moan and crib afterwards? Are decisions made? Is the atmosphere competitive? Is discussion allowed to ramble all over the place? Does discussion degenerate into arguments and personal comments? Are attendees unable to make their point clearly and concisely?

If so, this course is for you and your colleagues. And it’s practical. Get the usual attendees in to us and we’ll guarantee they – and you – will leave with a different focus on meetings and a different way of behaving in them. All in one day.

We’ll ask up to ten of your staff to prepare in advance for a twenty minute meeting. Our tutor will record the meeting on DVD and assess it with the group. Through that process, you’ll learn about constructive behaviours in meetings, the value of a clear, time-framed agenda, the role of the chair, how to intervene in a meeting, how to head off unacceptable behaviour and how to deal with contentious issues.

Then we’ll get you to have another meeting on a different topic and record that one. Reassessment will demonstrate what behaviours need reinforcement, so you go away with general guidelines and personal pointers to help you improve your, and others’, meeting management.

Of course you’ll have to front up about your own conduct in meetings. By the end of the training you’ll know how to

  • Open and close meetings appropriately, so they start on time and don’t dribble on after they’ve officially closed.
  • Chair meetings effectively
  • Contribute constructively in meetings
  • Derive benefit from them
  • Minimise inappropriate behaviour
  • Enjoy them

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