Media Skills Training

Let’s get a few things out of the way early on; if you want tricks you’re coming to the wrong people.

We won’t give you tricks. We’ll give you skills.

You’ll learn how to assess an audience’s attitude and outlook. You’ll learn how to prepare for interviews. You’ll learn how to deal with aggressive interrogative interviews as well as the much more challenging ‘soft’ interviews. (Yep, that’s right. A soft interview is often much more difficult than a grilling; we’ll explain when you get here.) Fundamentally you’ll learn how to be interesting, understandable and memorable.

You’ll learn all about: handling nerves, writing press-releases, handling live and pre-recorded interviews, briefing researchers, handling phone-ins, studio discipline, TV appearances and the rest.

We can get the clothing thing out of the way right now, though. Dress like your audience and don’t wear anything more interesting than you are. (The colour of your tie ain’t going to make much difference to anything.)

We have three levels of media programmes.


The Beginner course is for, well, beginners. Media first-timers who want to deliver professionally and effectively in an unfamiliar environment.

The Intermediate course is for people who have experience in media, but no formal training. The people who get interviewed at the AGM, or the guys who have to field questions when a press-release goes out, or the CEOs for whom handling media is a pre-requisite of the job. They’ve done it. They think they’re pretty good. But they think they might be better.

The Advanced course is for people who deal with the media for a living, or for part of their living. Press Officers, Directors of Communication, politicians, print journalists, freelance broadcasters and regular programme contributors. The people who know that the quality of their performance will define how they or their company or their party is perceived. Or the people who know they have to be good to be asked back. And they want to be asked back.

All courses are modular, and can be run in half day increments. The ideal structure is a full day (for the beginner programme) for a maximum group of six.

Our Open Programme dates for 2016 are;

Wednesday, February 10th
Wednesday, April 6th
Wednesday, June 8th
Wednesday, September 7th
Wednesday, November 9th


The Communications Clinic media skills programmes are modular in design to allow flexibility in terms of group size and duration. Call us and we’ll recommend an approach to suit your needs.