Job Interview Preparation

We can help. Precious few positions exist that we haven’t helped people get. We know what you’re facing, whether you are a software engineer or a medical registrar.

And we know how to help you be the best you can be.

Our consultant will sit down with you and will examine the same areas the interview panel are likely to probe. That interaction will be recorded and our consultant will go back through the DVD with you; identifying problems and developing solutions for them, spotting strengths, ensuring they are made concrete and providing you with a roadmap for preparation.

We’ll deal with the small stuff like appearance and body language, but where we can make a difference is in the big stuff – what does the employer need? Are you demonstrating you can provide it? And if not, we’ll show you how.

Our sessions take about two hours and are one-to-one.

If you can’t get to our offices, we provide job interview preparation over Skype and FaceTime.

We also provide job interview skills talks and seminars for organisations, companies and educational institutions.

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