CV Preparation

It’s the document that introduces you to a potential employer. And then summarises your value to them in a few short pages.

So it better be good.

That’s where we can help.

We’ll advise on the easy stuff like layout and formatting, but you can get most of that on-line or from books. The thing you can’t get on-line or in books is an expert who can pick through your CV and check if it really reflects and highlights the best of you, and if it doesn’t, can show you how to make it do precisely that.

Our CV preparation sessions begin with a one-to-one meeting and end with either a meeting or a phone consultation to finalise the changes made to your CV. In an ideal world, we recommend doing the job interview preparation before the CV prep, as the issues which emerge during the Job Interview Prep almost always add value and depth to the CV, but we can provide the sessions in the other order or as stand-alone training.


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