Some of our consultants (the more senior ones) have been training broadcasters for more than forty years.  Would-be broadcasters come to us for preliminary training. Long-established broadcasters come to us for refreshment training. We help them (if they have editorial input into their programme) decide what format, structure and topics will fit with that audience.

Most importantly we help them develop their skill.

Presenting is one of those odd jobs where people assume it’s a natural gift, not a learned competence. That’s a flawed assumption. It’s handy having natural flair, just like it’s easier to be a good journalist if you have an innate ability as a writer. But flair alone won’t make a career.

So here are the kind of skills we can help you develop;

  • Interviewing
  • Chairing
  • Scripting
  • Controlling tone and pace
  • Delivering a script
  • Reading Autocue

We’ve worked with some of the top broadcasters in the country and internationally. And we won’t say who. If you come to us, we won’t say who you are either, but we’ll make you better…

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