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Terry Prone – Today Show RTE, October 24th

Terry Prone – Today Show RTE, October 17th

Terry Prone on RTE's Today Show, October 17th

Terry Prone – Today Show RTE, 10th October 2016

Terry appeared on the Today Show RTE, 10th October 2016.  

Terry Prone – Examiner, October 10th

No medical cure yet for ‘Doctor Google’ and the know-it-all patient. Patients who have self-diagnosed on Google are a major bugbear of GPs and hospital doctors. THE title of the workshop was ‘The Difficult Patient.’ Every doctor, be they a GP or consultant, has examples. But the irritating habits change over time. Link - http://tiny.cc/yey3fy

Lorcan Nyhan – Journal.ie, October 9th

How Trump or Clinton can win tonight: Force their rival to make a mistake they can't recover from. IN AUGUST 2011, Texas governor Rick Perry entered the Republican primaries in the race to be the party’s nominee for president. He was riding high, leading the field, polling at 29% – a full 11 points ahead of eventual nominee Mitt Romney. Then came a moment not even the best political commentators [...]

Terry Prone – Today Show RTE, 3rd October 2016

Terry appeared on the Today Show RTE, 3rd October 2016.

Terry Prone – Examiner, October 3rd

The subtext of Donald Trump’s reckless tweets is that he lacks judgement. I ONCE had a client who did midnight texts. They were urgent, those texts. They were important. They predicted problems. It was oddly flattering to be the recipient of this man’s last, worried thoughts, before he hit the scratcher. At dawn, I would respond to them, and because he never came back to me about them, I figured [...]

Anton Savage – The Seven O’Clock Show TV3, 30th September 2016

Anton Savage, The Seven O’Clock Show TV3, 30th September 2016.

Terry Prone – Today Show RTE, 26th September 2016

Terry Prone, Today Show RTE, 26th September 2016

Terry Prone – Examiner, September 19th

Telling it like it is has nothing to do with the truth in Donald Trump’s world. FOR more than a year, Donald Trump has been a “birther”, promulgating the theory that Barack Obama was not born in the United States of America and, accordingly, is not and should never have been president of the US. But, last week, he saw the light and announced that he accepts Barack Obama was [...]

Terry Prone – Examiner, September 12th

Don’t sully your good name by creating a battle you cannot win... YOU remember the photographs. If you saw them, you could never forget them. Most of them were head-on, cockpit-first shots, showing an enormous plane sitting in the river Hudson, its two great wings covered in passengers... Link - http://tiny.cc/35w3fy

Terry Prone – Examiner, September 5th

Futility of celebrities penning letters to their mythical teenage selves. THERE’S a special place in hell reserved for two kinds of people. The first are the inventors of the flat roof, which has caused more grief to humanity than any other aspect of construction. The second is for whoever invented the device of getting famous people to write letters to their younger selves. Like the flat roof, on the face [...]

Terry Prone – Examiner, August 29th

“The Martello towers of Britain and Ireland,” I began, “were arguably the most costly mistake ever made by the British government. Seventy eight of them were built around the south and east coasts of Britain and Ireland, all within a five-year period, to defend against the possibility of maritime invasion by Napoleon. In the event, Napoleon never came, because he was a bit preoccupied in Russia. This particular tower was [...]

Terry Prone – Examiner, August 22nd

The hair-raising truth about those who put fame above achievement. Here’s a quiz question. No prize, but have a go anyway. What do Donald Trump and Ryan Lochte have in common? Odd hair, I hear you say? Accurate, but not the right answer. The right answer is a twofer: 1) They’re both promiscuously addicted to fame, rather than achievement, and 2) Neither knows how to apologise... Link - http://tiny.cc/5dliey

Eoghan McDermott – The Journal, August 21st

  How to pick the right PostGrad course for YOU.   BACK IN MARCH, a 91-year-old French woman became one of the oldest people to obtain a PhD proving that it’s never too late to pursue an additional qualification. I assume the ideal for everyone is that you’re in a job that you enjoy. We all would love to work in something we love. I hope many of us eventually get there. An additional qualification [...]

Terry Prone – Examiner, August 15th

The best advice for any situation: Close your eyes and pull like a dog. When you’re not really into sport but live with someone obsessed by it, you have to go somewhere else in the house. This means that when you visit your partner, you get a skewed sense of what the Olympics is all about, because all you’re getting is odd bits... Link - http://tiny.cc/ibliey

Eoghan McDermott – The Journal, August 14th

  What can a postgrad or masters do for me? Quite a lot, actually Careers expert Eoghan McDermott assesses the impact of going back to college on your job prospects, pay and satisfaction levels. GOING BACK TO college for a postgrad or Master’s degree can be a huge commitment of both time and money. Thousands of euro and hours spent, but is it really worth it? It would seem it is. All [...]

Terry Prone – Examiner, August 8th

Forgetting about your digital life now and then could save real lives. The great thing about social media is that it delivers unmediated eejits quickly and promiscuously.  Our phones and tablets bring us the news as it happens, and the eejits it happens to. Like one of the survivors of the Emirates crash-landing and explosion... Link - http://tiny.cc/l8bhey  

Terry Prone – Examiner, August 1st

Donald Trump’s use of emotional truth is beyond the reach of facts. IT’S ALL Down to communication, and the contrasts are fascinating, if confusing, since the best communicator of them all is a non-contender. Michelle Obama blew them away at this year’s Democractic convention. Best speech. Better delivery than that of her own husband, whose use of autocue is surprisingly predictable — first one side, then the other — for such an [...]

Eoghan McDermott – Moncrieff, July 28th

Eoghan's appearance on The Moncrieff Show on July 28th Link - http://www.newstalk.com/listen_back/8/29142/28th_July_2016_-_Moncrieff_Part_1/