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Terry Prone – Examiner, February 6th

Dear Taoiseach, You’ve loads of people giving you advice about the upcoming St Patrick’s Day trip to the US, starting with instructions to stay at home and eat the shamrock yourself. Then you have folk who want you to go to the White House in order to deliver a tutorial on human rights, common decency, the moral responsibilities of being what used to be called the leader of the free [...]

Terry Prone – Examiner, January 30th

Respect may be vouchsafed, out of good manners. But demanding it — particularly of a comedian in a plastic bag. A week and one day ago, my friend Nameless went, as he always does, to Mass in his local church in Naas. He was impressed by the vigour and passion of the sermon, delivered by a priest in, he figured, his early forties. The priest was angry about the Late Late [...]

Eoghan McDermott – The Last Word, January 27th

Eoghan McDermott appeared on Today FM's 'The Last Word' Link  

Terry Prone – Examiner, January 23rd

This post-truth Monday morning, this column makes you, the reader, an offer you cannot refuse. Not just an offer, in fact. More than an offer. A cast-iron guarantee, even. It goes like this. You read from top to bottom and nowhere within it will you find the T-name. Link - http://tiny.cc/tw67iy

Terry Prone – Examiner, January 16th

No Damascene conversion for Donald Trump and foolish to expect one. The media has yet to come to terms with the revolutionary change created by this man... The funniest thing about the reaction to Donald Trump’s last press conference, pre-inauguration, was how astonished it was. Particularly on the part of media people who, in theory, should not be surprised by much, because it’s their job to be at astonishing events in [...]

Terry Prone – Examiner, January 2nd

Be resolute in 2017 and focus attention on the individuals around you. HERE’S the problem with New Year resolutions. Like diets, they don’t work. Yet every year, we commit to a series of self-betterment activities as if to prove the truism that what we learn from history is that we learn nothing from history... Link - http://tiny.cc/jh67iy

Eoghan McDermott – Journal.ie, December 29th

Like any good proposal, a political campaign must give voters a sense of hope that things in the future will be wonderful. IMAGINE A PERSON planning and preparing their proposal to their partner of five years, thinking of how they’ll do it, figuring out what they’re going to say – and they come up with “marry me to keep things tipping along?” Not the most romantic, enthusiastic or special way of [...]

Terry Prone – Examiner, December 26th

Ireland calls today St Stephen’s Day for many reasons, mostly religious, writes Terry Prone. It beats Britain’s ‘Boxing Day’ with its reference to the chaos in which most of us stand today: Leftover boxes, bags, ribbons, and worrying spare electronic bits. Link - http://tiny.cc/be67iy

Terry Prone – RTE’s The Cutting Edge, December 14th 2016

Terry's appearance on RTE's The Cutting Edge, December 14th

Terry Prone – Examiner, December 12th

For many of us, the office Christmas party can put a serious damper on the festive spirit. Your Honour, I put it to you that this is the perfect example of Reconstituted Celtic Tiger times: A woman who has to dress at dawn for a Christmas office party happening 13 hours later. A woman who must, despite working all day, maintain the look she had before the breakfast she didn’t [...]

Barry McLoughlin – The Journal, December 4th

Was President Higgins’ Castro tribute appropriate? WHEN IT COMES to writing about the recently deceased, we Irish seem to adopt the approach, if you have nothing good to say, say nothing. But is this the way to properly mark the passing of someone, either loved or loathed? What should go into an obituary and why? This dilemma was best exemplified when President Higgins described Castro as a “Giant among global [...]

Terry Prone – Midday, November 30th

Terry Prone – TV3’s Midday – 30th November 2016.

Terry Prone – Today Show, November 28th

Terry Prone – RTE’s Today Show – 28th November 2016

Anton Savage – RTE Today Show, November 17th

Anton Savage – RTE’s Today Show – 17th November 2016

Terry Prone – RTE Today Show, November 14th

Terry Prone – RTE’s Today Show - 14th November 2016.

Eoghan McDermott – Ireland AM, November 10th

Eoghan appeared on Ireland AM to talk about Donald Trump’s victory.

Eoghan McDermott – Journal.ie, November 9th

  What made Trump's 'Make America Great Again' slogan so powerful? It was the slogan that he built a campaign on. But by taking ‘Make America Great Again’ – previously used in campaigns like Ronald Reagan’s – and making it his own, Donald Trump helped to reflect his supporters’ desires and move towards an unexpected victory. Today, the new President-elect of the United States pledged to be a “President of all Americans”, [...]

Terry Prone – Today Show, November 7th

Terry appeared on the Today Show on November 7th

Terry Prone – Examiner, October 31st

THEY died in terror and pain. They died in public shame, their screams drowned out by a mob of neighbours, relatives and those they had, up to the previous week, called friends. They suffered as they died, and they died certain of further suffering in hell. We do not terrify today’s little girls with the truthful “Once upon a time.” As in, “Once upon a time the men of Ireland, Britain [...]

Terry Prone – Examiner, October 24th

THE landline in the house rang the other day and I nearly had to go to A&E to get over it. The first thing was that I had no idea what it was, it’s so long since that phone said anything to anybody. The second problem was that it was like an assault. I had forgotten how raucously exigent is a telephone with a full frontal old-fashioned ringing noise. I [...]